Transition Metals is the ideal partner for junior, mid-tier and senior mining companies looking for new exploration opportunities, as well as prospectors and land owners looking to advance their properties:


Our strengths:


1. Regional/Geographic Alliances

Transition Metals can act as an extension to the exploration team of companies that would like to explore a broad region and take advantage of technical and operational know how by working with an incented group with local experience. We work with alliance partners to define the geographic/geologic boundaries of the region of interest, and develop the exploration strategy.


2. Exploration Companies Seeking a Specific Property

Transition Metals sells or options interest in its properties to groups seeking new opportunities or to develop its project pipeline.


3. New Companies Seeking a Property of Merit

Transition Metals can provide a property of merit for companies that seek a listing on a stock exchange. Transition's portfolio includes drill-ready projects in Ontario, Saskatchewan and BC, and Transition can act as the operator, at the choice of the Partner.


4. Prospectors and Landowners

Transition actively seeks to acquire properties with good exploration potential, as defined by location, geology, mineralization, structure, alteration, and past production. Transition would seek to better determine and demonstrate the exploration potential of the property, package it up, and negotiate an option and/or a joint venture agreement with an exploration/mining company that would fund the work required to take it to the next stage. In this way, Transition enables prospectors and landowners to extract greater value from their properties.


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