1. Project generator model

The project generator model provides maximum exposure to the discovery stage with greatest opportunity for share price growth.


2. Well funded through alliance & partnership agreements

Transition Metals relies on strategic alliances and joint venture partner funding to advance projects and to minimize its capital requirements and shareholder equity dilution. In 2016, ~88% of the $4.7M spent on exploration was partner funded.


3. Strong technical team

The company has an award-winning technical team with a track record of discovery. They have a wealth of technical, managerial and negotiation experience developed in a big company environment, and the agility and drive of a smaller entrepreneurial team.


4. Strong and diverse project portfolio

Transition Metals has assembled a large and growing multi-commodity portfolio of more than 20 projects encompassing over 2,000 km2 in some of Canada's best known and emerging mining districts.

Transition's multi-commodity focus reduces the company's exposure to commodity market swings and broadens its attractiveness to funding partners.


5. Canada: Prospective and stable

Transition is focused on discovering economic deposits in Canada. In an era of geopolitical instability marked by resource nationalization, military coups and social uprisings, Canada is a sound place to invest. New deposits continue to be discovered, developed and acquired in Canada, fueled by its long history of exploration and mining.


6. Tight capital structure and ownership

  • 57 million shares outstanding (fully diluted)
  • 30% Management/Insiders, 10% Institutional (Sprott), 60% Retail